Roma Powder Coating | Abrasive Blasting & Metal Finishing

Q. Do you pick up and deliver and package items for shipping?

A. We do not run a delivery service, however we do have trusted couriers that can assist or maybe you have a friend with a ute. We are not able to offer packaging for items that are transported, this needs to be organised prior to transport.

Q. Can you powder coat over powder coat?

A. Yes we can recoat, but there are no guarantees on the finished product. 

Q. Can you powder coating over paint?

A. To get the best result, powder coating has to be done on a clean surface. The paint has to be totally stripped off by either sand blasting, soda blasting or with chemicals prior to powder coating.

Q. Do you Sand Blast on site? 

A. Yes we offer Sand Blasting services on site and also have a solid relationship with a mobile sand blaster that can assist in jobs that are to large for our on site booth. 

Q. Can you match a paint colour?

A. The colourbond colours come in powder. Other colours can be made to order but it is very expensive and not economical for a small job. Cherilyn can assist you with finding a colour as close as possible.

Q. Can you give me a firm quote over the phone?

A. If it's a new product with an accurate description yes we can. We can give an approximate price on used items and once we view the item/s and ascertain the correct preparation for that job, we can give you an exact quote.

Q. What size items can you powder coat? 

A. Up to 9 metres long and 2 metres in height. Our oven is only 2 metres wide, however some items can be hung acutely on our batch trolleys to enable us to fit larger items.  

Q. Do you stock touch-up paint?

A. Yes we stock a large range of CRL Professional Touch-up Aerosols and can order most colours in for you.