Roma Powder Coating | Abrasive Blasting & Metal Finishing

Abrasive Blasting & Metal Finishing

Roma Powder Coating proudly brings experienced Powder Coating, Spray Painting and Sand Blasting services to Roma and surrounding areas. RPC has the capability to provide smoother surfaces that you never thought possible. 

Coatings can be used to create an effective decorative finish on all types of steel and metal. Light coating will achieve a non-slip surface, with a range of fantastic results available. Different textured finishes can be used to create patterned designs or images. Colour and oxides can also be used to enhance creative architectural designs. If there's a word that defines the services provided by Roma Powder Coating, it's quality. We're dedicated to offering complete solutions that will provide the precise finish you're after. 

To ensure your newly constructed steel surface maintains its superb finish for as long as possible, RPC provides protective coatings to suit your preferred finish. A top quality sand blasting process means a more durable surface, therefore less wear and tear will occur and you'll spend less money on repairs in the long run. Whether you're coating metal for protection or for aesthetic appeal, we can help. 

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